Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group (UMG) is the world’s leading music company. This music group is committed to the innovation and artistry. Universal music group records the music and then publish it in more than 60 countries around the world. They produce and publish the most successful music to entertain the fans around the world. Universal music group was founded in September 1934, almost 82 years back.

At time Universal music group was attached to the film studio universal pictures. Its origin was back to the formation of the branch of America Decca records in 1934. Present organization came into existence when the parent company Seagram bought PolyGram in 1998 and then merged with the Universal music group back into 1999. The Universal music group is not only present in America, this group has many of the locations.

Santa Monica

Main headquarter of the universal music group is located in Santa Monica.


Capitol music group is present in the Hollywood. Tom Cage was responsible for recording label back into 2004.

Universal studio

The Universal music group is present in the universal city.

New York City

The main workforce of the Universal music group is present in the city of New York. Headquarters here in this city deals with the marketing, finance of the universal music group.


London is also a country where headquarters of universal music group are located.

  • Berlin
  • Warsaw
  • California
  • Paris
  • France
  • Nashville

Many of the best and top singers work in the universal music group to give their best and top songs for the audience around the world. All the music released by the singers of the universal music group breaks the record. Each singer is better than the others. All the music lovers know about this group and each of the singers. Some of the top and best singers from the Universal music group are:

  • Lady Gaga
  • Eminem
  • Justin Bieber
  • Taylor swift
  • Maroon 5
  • Lil Wayne

Social Responsibility

Universal music group inspires us, thrills us and above all unites us all with their hard work and motivation. Universal music group not only publishes songs and entertain its fan but it also helps the surroundings and community who are trying to bring a positive change in the country. This music group also donates the amount to the organizations to help the poor and needy people who can’t afford to live with the better condition. This is a very good thing about this group that it not only work for itself but it also helps the others. Not only this group provides and gives funding, the artists of this music group are also very co-operative and kind hearted. They also try to give their most of the earnings as donations to different organizations around the world, not only the United States.

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