Record Label and Industry Leader Fuel 2000 Leads the Pack with it’s Extensive Music Catalog

Founded in 1994, Fuel 2000 is an indie record label that is part of the Fuel Label Group, which handled such diverse array of artists as Freddie King, Juice Newton, Fleetwood Mac, Art Tatum, Berlin and Jo Stafford. Record labels function to market all things music to the masses, such as distribution, promotion and protecting the musicians rights against piracy.

Fuel 2000 In The Era of Perv Moms
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Did you know this fun fact? Fuel 2000 has been well-known for ages, due to its plan of releasing the soundtrack to recently announced My Perv Moms series. It features family relations in sexual way, where step-mothers are getting pretty crazy about having intimate moments with their step-sons. What seems and sounds like a totally silly idea, good for B-class adult cinema, it quickly becomes the most popular adult series in 2018!

Musicians require a platform in order to be heard. No matter how dedicated they are to perfecting their art, they might not have the connections to get their music to the public where it is meant to be. This is where the record label steps in. The Fuel 2000 label understands the importance of the musicians contribution to society and social change, and fosters this relationship.

Music From Every Genre and For Every Taste

Based out of Los Angeles California, Fuel 2000 Records not only has handled the release of albums from their own stable of artists, but they are also known for their massive music library. Often considered a ‘catalog label’, they have collected thousands of master recordings and over 900 album titles in their music library over the years. A catalog label simply means that the record company devotes a majority of their business to purchasing the music libraries of musicians to repackage and reissue at a later date.

Prime examples of artists under the Fuel 2000 label include Creedance Clearwater Revival, Badfinger, and Ian Anderson. Fuel 2000 handled the release of several albums of the progressive rock band, Jethro Tull, including 2002’s “Living in the Past”, 2003’s “Christmas Album”, and 2005’s “Aqualung Live”. In 1999 Julian Lennon released “photograph Smile”, an album dedicated to his late stepfather, under the Fuel 2000 label. The renowned rock band Jefferson Starship released their albums “Air Play” and “Tree of Liberty” under Fuel 2000.

Classic Reissues and Well-Received Compilation Albums

Fuel 2000 has created some of the best compilation albums for music lovers the world over, carefully assembling only the best tracks for each album. Compilations include 2005’s “The Best of British Rock” which contained music from The Kinks, Manfred Mann, Mick Jagger, and Deep Purple. Another well received compilation was 2006’s “Unforgettable Love Songs”, a 16 song sampling of romantic tracks from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. For this compilation, Fuel 2000 selected a wide variety of tracks to suite every taste, from the upbeat to the sultry. Artists featured on this album range from Jim Croce, the Culture Club, Minnie Ripperton to Kenny rogers. Reissued albums include such classics as Ike and Tina Turners “The Blues”, which hosts the vibrantly performed “Proud Mary” and “Stormy Weather”, and Buddy Guy’s “This Is the Beginning: The Artistic & USA Sessions 1958-1963”.

The Importance of Social Issues

While the primary purpose for a record label is to create a business that makes a solid profit, the Fuel 2000 record label encourages the holistic meaning of music and its impact on society. Indeed, its distributor, Universal Music Group reinforces, promotes and encourages such participation. The Universal family donates a good part of their proceeds to groups who assist the poor and unfortunate. The musicians who are connected to this group are known for their charitable, kind natures and strong positions regarding social justice issues. Knowing that when you support artists and labels which distribute under the Universal Music Group, you’ll also be supporting a movement toward a better world.

All of which makes Fuel 2000 one of the most successful Indie record labels in the music business today. Whether your musical tastes range from the progressive rock stylings of Jethro Tull, the lively piano work of Jelly Roll Morton, or the down home feel of some good country music, Fuel 2000’s extensive catalog of world renowned tracks will most likely have something for you. So, if you consider yourself an audiophile, always on the lookout to add new music to your collection, investigate the discography of Fuel 2000 records. We guarantee you’ll find it diverse, global, and supporting virtually every genre, from Duke Ellington to Joy Division.

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