Top Record Labels in the USA

Talking about record label or record company, both are same. The record label is a brand which is associated with the market of music videos and music recordings. The record label is also a company of publishing which manages brands which coordinates the production, manufacturing, distribution of the copyright for the recordings of sounds and videos of music. The record label is a term which derives from the circular in the mid of vinyl record which keeps on displaying the name of manufacturer’s with all other information.

Now some of the top record labels of USA are:

Motown record company

It is an American record company. This record company was founded by Berry Gordy in the month of January 1959. Motown got remarkable success for the record company. From many time, Motown is the highest earning company in the United States.

Psychopathic record company

This company is also known as the Hatchet. This company is specialized in the hip hop music. This company was found in 1991 from Alex Abbiss and one hip hop group. With the production of hip hop music, this company also produce videos and wrestling. This company gets a profit of $10 million each year. The recording label of this company is known as the Lotus Pod.

A Cappella record company

This is an American company which is specialized ina cappella music. This company was found Chris Crawford with his group in May 2009.

Allido record company

This is a production company. It was started by Mark Ronson. It is a business of television, internet, and music. This company got its name from the song “All I Do”.

Bell record company

It is also an American company which was founded in 1952 in the city New York by Arthur shimkin.

Benson record company

This is also an American record company which was founded by Bob Benson and John T. Benson in the year 1902.

These are some of the top record label companies of the United States which publish different types of music for the people not only of United States but also for the whole world. Their songs get famous because of their music and hard work. Music is now listened by almost everyone in the whole world no matter which country it is. And these companies try to give their best.

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