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How I view the record labels

In my opinion, record labels are an alternative definition of working in togetherness to achieve the objectives of music in the society. Not every artist has the power and the money to compose, release, and market his or her music. Recording labels combine the abilities and potentials of the talented artists, professionals, and wealthy people in the society to achieve a common goal; that is, to produce music that will impact the society and change the world. Just as the saying goes; “unity is strength” so is the manner in which the record labels operate.

What I like about record labels
  • Promoting talents

Record labels help upcoming artists discover themselves and grow their talents. They open the doors for a variety of opportunities as the artists gradually strengthen their talent base. They develop the tracks written by the artists and commission the new music on behalf of the songwriters.

  • Source of employment

Record labels host many artists who work harmoniously to produce quality music that attracts a significant number of customers. When many people purchase the music albums, record labels make more profit, and this serves as a huge boost to the artist. Working for a recording company will relieve one the possibilities of indulging in malicious activities due to idleness. Apart from musicians and actors, record labels also offer employment opportunities topeople who work as producers, distributors, marketers, and editors.

  • Connections

In most cases, record labels are identified globally. They are usually invited for shows and interviews that help promote their brand. In the event of an upcoming artist or a new hit, the labels can easily secure a ready market. Famous labels also have the upper hand regarding the advertisement of their contents since the media is always willing to accommodate them.

What I dislike about them
  • Spending less time with artists

Nowadays, record labels tend to focus more on artists who produce hit songs hence give less attention to those whose hits doesn’t cause a spur. This challenge is common tothe newly-signed artistswho might find their music attracting less attention. The labels may choose to ignore you as they view you as a liability to them. Your music may fail to get proper promotion hence leaving you struggling for attention.

  • Artist-unfriendly deals

The sad fact that freaks me out regarding recording labels is the way they treat their artists. Most labels are only after making money and would wish to protect their impunity by instituting laws that majorly favor them. Since an artist wants to earn an income, he/she is forced to comply with the terms and conditions put forward by the recording company. In most cases, this has spurred lots of conflicts between the artists and the record companies ending in lawsuits.

Creativity and talents need to be adequately naturedas this are what makes our society a complete entity. We need good music to speak to us whenever we feel depressed. Music forms an integral part of our lifestyle and, admittedly, we can’t live without it. Therefore, it is our responsibility to promote excellent music by supporting our artists. We can do this by purchasing and listening to their music and attending their concerts.

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