Top record labels with many Twitter followers

If you have been wondering about the record labels that are highly-regarded on Twitter, then, it is time you check out for yourself. The following list gives you an insight about the most famous record labels on Twitter.

Jonas Enterprises

Jonas Enterprises is an American band featuring pop and rock. The band was formed in the year 2005 by the Jonas Brothers. The brothers are named Joseph Jonas, Nicholas Jonas, and Paul Jonas. The group has managed to win various music awards such as the “Breakthrough Artist Award.”Jonas Entertainment currently has approximately 4,512,635 followers on Twitter.

Smtown Global

SMTOWN is an entertainment company based in South Korea. It was established by Lee Soo-man in the year 1995. SMGTOWN is famous as a talent agency, event manager, record label, concert producer, music publisher, and a music producer. The label features artists such as Super Junior, BoA, TVXQ, SHINee, and Girls’ Generation.SMTOWN currently has about 3,706,071 twitter followers.


Freebandz is an American label founded by the famous hip-hop artist, Future. The label features the “Freeband Gang” artists with their releases supplied via Epic Records.Freebandz is currently followed by over 2,900,532 people on twitter.

YG Family

YG Family is a Korean-based company founded by Yang Hyun-suk in the year 1996. The company serves as a company for music production, a record label, and a company for event management. The company features famous pop actors including Big Bang, iKON, WINNER, BLACKPINK, and Psy among others. YG Family has approximately 2,674,070 twitter followers.

Spinnin’ Records

Spinnin’ Records was founded by Roger and Eelko in the year 1999 and exists as an independent label. It comprises of sub-labels including Heldeep Records, Doorn Records, Musical Freedom, Hexagon, and Maximize Records.Spinnin’ Records has attracted many followers on Twitter having approximately over 2,002,652 followers.

Universal Musica

Universal Records is a French-American music corporation existing as a branch of Vivendi. The label’s headquarter is based in Santa Monica, in California. Universal Musica currently has 1439220 twitter followers.

BigHit Entertainment

Big Hit is a Korean-based entertainment company founded by Bang Si-hyuk in the year 2005. The company is also identified as the “Hitman Bang” and boasts approximately 1271005 followers on Twitter.


JYP Entertainment was set up in the year 1997 by Park Jin-young and is currently one of the most popular labels in the world. Besides being a remarkable record label, JYP is also a home for talent, music production, and event management.

A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember was founded by Bobby Scruggs and Tom Denney in the year 2003 and features rock music. The label blends pop-punk and metalcore and comprise of Neil Westfall, Alex Sheltnutt, Kevin Skaff, and Joshua Woodard. The company has about 1,028,520 followers.

Def Jam Recordings

Featuring mainly urban and pop music, Def Jam Recordings is managed by the Universal Music Group and feature various famous artists such as Big Sean, Iggy Azalea, Desiigner, Mother Mother, and Afrojack among others. The label is gradually rising to fame and currently has approximately 846,153 followers.

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